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2024 Evolution Forester 4 Plus | Beachside Golf Cars

2024 Evolution Forester 4 Plus

Lithium-Ion > 4 Passenger

About this vehicle

Power Type:
Forester 4 Plus
Mineral White


Custom Interior
Custom Wheels
Lift Kit
Light Kit
Seat Belts
Turn Signals
USB Charger


Introducing the Forester 4 Plus – more than just a golf cart, it’s a statement on wheels. Designed to be street-legal equipped with a flair for hunting adventures, this PTV is equipped to tackle complex terrains. With its elevated chassis, rugged body, and off-road silent tires, it’s ready for both the streets and the wild.

Conquer the Great Outdoors with the Forester 4 Plus

Where rugged durability meets street legality. This isn’t just any cart; it’s a call to adventure. Designed meticulously to navigate both the asphalt of the city and the untamed terrains of the wilderness, its elevated chassis grants a bird’s-eye view of your path, ensuring that no obstacle goes unnoticed. The off-road, noiseless tires not only promise a silent hunt but also effortlessly glide over challenging terrains without leaving a mark. Constructed with resilience in mind, its robust body stands testament to the promise of enduring the harshest environments while maintaining its impeccable form.

Mastering Urban and Wild Spaces Alike

Forester 4 Plus isn’t limited to off-road escapades. Being a PTV, it smoothly transitions from the forest trails to the lanes of your city. Whether you’re exploring remote hunting grounds or simply cruising through your neighborhood, this cart ensures you do it in style, safety, and supreme comfort. Register, ride, and revel in the versatility of the Forester 4 Plus.

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